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About me

Hello there!

I'm Filipe Rodrigues (IPA: /fi.ˈli.pɘ rʊ.ˈdri.ɡəʒ/). I was born in the very-late-80s in Portugal, where I still live. I don't take myself very seriously, nor should you!

On the internet, and often AFK, I usually go by "shello"(IPA: /ˈʃɛ.lːo/), the handle I've used since the early 2000s.

I spend probably too much of my own time among computers, but I'm also paid for doing that, working mostly on back-end web development.

On the technology front, the topics I like to explore, and hold firm opinions on (ranging from educated to laughably informed) are UNIX-like systems, scripting, security, and programming habits.

Beyond computers and technology, my interests span sciences, electronics, visual arts, puzzles, and nature. Some of them make part of my pastimes.

I'm a lover of furry friends like ferrets, otters, hedgehogs and owls—but I'm not a guardian to any animal.


You can find a list of web places I frequent on the home page.

If you care, my PGP public key (keyserver) has the fingerprint AC52 27BB DC25 CB68 E541 BEBB D284 90BC FBFA AEAD.


The small emoji of my face you can see on this website was designed by Dzuk.

You can check this website's source code on GitHub. It is generated using Roman Zolotarev's ssg.